Optical boulders, (environment A) 2020, cast stone, green neon light, variable dimensions (installation view: Building a real body exhibition, KHB LAB, Bratislava, foto: Jakub Hauskrecht)
The installation Optical Boulders unravels sites of obsolete weapon systems that have become part of an exposed geological layer. The ontological concept regarding the vitality of objects (which is a popular theme in the art community) is deliberately applied here in a kind of parodic paraphrase to inanimate military equipment in the form of night vision devices. Despite the seeming “slumber” of their disturbing green light, these objects still possess interactive processes and vital functions of their own in terms of both their materiality and the context in which they are situated. Against the backdrop of his signature themes of military dystopia, the artist develops one of the lines of his work that examines the transition from the positions of subject to object.
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