Boeing 777, 2017, participatory project, objects, model-building kit 1: 144, digital printing, LED lights, various materials and sizes

I hired a successful Slovakian model builder to make a civil aircraft model (Boeing 777 300 R) manufactured by ZVEZDA, the Russian scale-model kit producing company. The request was to make the wreck of the aircraft that was shot down over Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists in 2014. I went by satellite and agency photomaterials. The diorama I made in a special way I signed up for the home competition in model building where it won no prize. The project also documents my unsuccessful attempt to participate in a model-building competition organized by the Moscow PATRIOT club. Among other things, the clubs statutes claim youth education aimed to defend their homeland, national pride, as well as respect for the militaristic history of Great Russia.
Polite people, 2018, object: ready-made of the Russian plastic model kit cardboard, platic, digital print, 190 x 300 x 45 cm (photo: Jakub Hauskrecht. Exhibition "Power in the museum", East Slovak Gallery, 2018)
„Polite people“ are a life-size enhanced reproduction of a ready-made model building by the Russian company ZVEZDA. The controversial 1: 35 export product includes Russian soldiers posing with a stray cat in front of its parliament during the occupation of Crimea. The plastic hobby kit (freely available to us) was described by the Lithuanian Parliament as an act of aggression. As a result, the activity of ZVEZDA was prohibited on the territory of the State. It is one of the documents of the infiltration of the hybrid war and propaganda into the spheres of hobby activities and leisure time.
Installation Polite people on the exhibition "Angry planet": Oparation Continues, Haus of the Lords of Kunštát, House of Arts Brno, Czech republik, 2018 
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