Home “woodoo” crisis (2010/2011) represents a miniature world of disasters, tragedies and war affairs inside a three-room flat usually owned by an average family in Slovakia. This time, the interior its facilities and utensils are association triggers of various situations confronting the outer dramatic world with the safety of private zone in the stabilized city quarter. Splashing in the bath – Tsunami, causing a leak into neighbours flat, burnt pieces of meat in the pan or boiling pease-porridge has overflowed from the pot – Volcano, etc.  The aim is to confront little accidents in households with large-scale disasters occurring in the world. Media bring large exterior scenes into the interior – info-graphic legends of natural disasters and events happening in conflict areas. The apartment interior offers a natural localization of these specific situations and their direct contact with bare reality of ordinary lifestyle in it. Based on info-graphics that deal with natural disasters I have built the models that were consequently exposed to the effects of „home disasters“ of the same manner.
Rug hills, 2010 - 2011, installation, mdf, acryl, plastic, Persian and Afghan war rugs, 220 x 550 x 500 cm
The work of  Rug Hills from 2010 deals with mythology and the hype about the mountain of Tora Bora the besiege of which triggered the war in Afghanistan. It also deals with much contradictory information describing the inner structure of a kind of "evil mountain’s" cave system where rebels lead by Bin Laden were hiding. The paradox of the information pressure excess regarding the cave complex as well as live coverages of attacks on the fortress were perceived as a chaos and disinformation. Despite all the advanced military and information technology, the operation itself ended up in failure.
     As a child I was composing various situations at home using flat furniture which also included blankets, flower pots and carpets. The fashion ably exhibited oriental carpet represents a far-famed commodity and colonial times tradition. Mock cave system based on various media sketches (Reuters, US Today, etc ..) make up a kind of media image of Tora Bora in the middle of the Oriental rug mountain range. This more complex view rather refers to mythology and supported conspiracy theories on the nature and power of enemy hiding in the inaccessible mountains on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It interlinks a piece of absolutely authentic material from the crisis area–a carpet (which takes an Afghan family several months to make) along with media information on the area represent a filtered and a significantly stylized fact. (Radovan Čerevka, 2011)
Culinary volcano, 2010, videoinstallation, stove and model, mdf, acrylic, etc. 130 x 50 x 60 cm, videostills - Culinary volcano, 2010, video: 04:14
Bath cunami, 2010, installation, model (TIME magazine) acrylic, bath with hot tub, digital print on shower curtain, dimensions variable
Haiti, 2010, installation, washing mashine, model of the earthquake (El Mundo news) pvc, acrylic, etc. 110 x 40 x 60 cm
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