The cycle of models, prints and installations bearing the title Reutersdrama (2007) dealt with a closed framework of footages and images by Reuters that is one of the oldest news agencies in the world. 3D info-graphics  - three-dimensional axonometric structures of various events I collected for a certain time and picked up a sample of served me as an accurate manual for my 3D models or digital lenticular prints. Having made them as precisely as possible, I decided to work with every single model in a particular way which symbolically expressed my individual input into these materialized news reports.
Minimal Beslan, 2007, digital print (REUTERS): 100 x 70 cm + installation: mdf, polystyrene, plaster, acrylic, 322 x 280 x 36 cm (Installation view: exhibition "Reutersdrama", Vojtech Löffler Museum, Košice, 2007)
Underground smuggling in Gaza, 2007, object, digital print (REUTERS): 100 x 70 cm + model: mdf, acryl, polystyrene, plastic, 130 x 36 x 45 cm
Attack on Fallujah, 2006, digital print (REUTERS): 100 x 70 cm + model: mdf, polystyrene, acrylic, plastic, (Installation view: exhibition "Reutersdrama", Vojtech Löffler Museum, Košice, 2007)
Natanz, 2008, digital print (REUTERS): 100 x 70 cm + model: mdf, sololit, polystyrene, acrylic, 200 x 250 cm (Installation view: exhibition Iranian Complex, NOD Gallery, Prague, 2008)
That´s the way it was, 2007, blackboard, chalk, digital prints
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