Untitled („Detected fields“) 2018, cast stone, metal, 343 x 220 x 215 cm (installation view: exhibition: Power in the museum, East Slovak Gallery, photo: Jakub Hauskrecht, Vladimír Eliáš) 
Brutalist truths, 2018, beton, plastic, wood, 200 x 265 x 3 cm
Sociéty, 2018, soundobject, artificial stone, sound: analogical narration of the beekeeper Jaroslav Masnica about  beehive community and human society, 90 x 38 x 38 cm
Reconstruction of the battlefield, plastic, epoxy, pigment, sand, 170 x 45 cm
Ezomagic In: Huntington, Samuel P.: Stret civilizácií, Touchstone, NYC: 1997, s. 381, videoinstalation, video, cast stone, pigment, metal, variable sizes
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